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A strong-willed harlot that enjoys reading romance novel, sipping port, and gallivanting with the brawny stable boy (scandalous!).

What you should be reading this Christmas…

I feel like I should be starting this post with a holiday related pun. Luckily, my research into the nauseating world of Christmas-themed romance novels has exposed me a crapton of wintry wit. That’s right, there are romance novels about … Continue reading

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Guest Post! Dream’s Desire by Gwen Cleary

As promised I bring you a brilliant romance novel review by Miss Emma! But before you continue on to her sass and snark, can I just present this AMAZING cover: We have the obligatory heavy petting, neck kisses, and what … Continue reading

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Preview: Dream’s Desire by Gwen Cleary

With work demanding so much of my time, I haven’t had a chance to devote time to my true love: reading romance novels. But before you guys (that is, all three of my blog readers) languish in a land of … Continue reading

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#WTF: Twitter Takes Over the Romance Novel

I like my romance novels firmly rooted in fantasy. Faraway places, lurid physically impossible sex scenes, and guys who, like, talk about their feelings and junk! That’s why Teresa Medeiros’s newest romance novel, Goodnight Tweetheart, hit a little too close … Continue reading

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I. Need. This. Book.

His Hired Baby by Jacqueline Diamond Surrogate mom Kate Evans, a widow with a five-year-old son, isn’t looking forward to her upcoming delivery—not because of the pain, but because when it’s over the doctor will place her baby in the … Continue reading

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Review: Cinderella’s Tycoon by Caroline Cross

Can we just start with the cover: How could I not review this book? Cinderella’s wearing a freakin’ garland in her hair. Because that’s how you accessorize the purple sheath dress and lace wrap you purchased at Coldwater Creek for … Continue reading

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Preview: Cinderella’s Tycoon by Caroline Cross

Check what I’m reviewing in a couple of days! With one review under my belt I was feeling a little ambitious. So this time around I’m taking on…Texas. Here’s the teaser to Cinderella’s Tycoon by Caroline Cross: “Honor” was Texas … Continue reading

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