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Preview: A Moment in Time by Deb Stover

The day of my first romance novel review is almost upon us! As previewed in this week’s craptastic quote, I’m tackling A Moment in Time by Deb Stover (or as I like to call it Mounting her on Mountains). I … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday: He compared his quivering member to what?

Let’s face it, my devotion to reading smut isn’t going to yield any Pulitzer-worthy finds. But once in a while I come across a phrase, paragraph, or page of writing so craptastic it surprises even me. This week’s WTF moment … Continue reading

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A Bad Romance

I heart romance novels. Ever since I was 12, I’ve been sneaking Harlequins from the library.  I devoured the passionate affairs of young English misses, stubborn Scottish wenches, dashing pirates, and handsome — but terribly tortured — Civil War soldiers.  … Continue reading

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