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I. Need. This. Book.

His Hired Baby by Jacqueline Diamond Surrogate mom Kate Evans, a widow with a five-year-old son, isn’t looking forward to her upcoming delivery—not because of the pain, but because when it’s over the doctor will place her baby in the … Continue reading

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Review: Cinderella’s Tycoon by Caroline Cross

Can we just start with the cover: How could I not review this book? Cinderella’s wearing a freakin’ garland in her hair. Because that’s how you accessorize the purple sheath dress and lace wrap you purchased at Coldwater Creek for … Continue reading

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Preview: Cinderella’s Tycoon by Caroline Cross

Check what I’m reviewing in a couple of days! With one review under my belt I was feeling a little ambitious. So this time around I’m taking on…Texas. Here’s the teaser to Cinderella’s Tycoon by Caroline Cross: “Honor” was Texas … Continue reading

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Ridic Romance Novel Quotes: Penelope & Prince Charming by Jennifer Ashley

A conversation between Penelope and Prince Damien while traipsing through a babbling brook: “I will marry you, Penelope. I want to do it with soft words, but I have to throw you over the pommel of my saddle and gallop … Continue reading

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Weird Cover: Silver Angel by Johanna Lindsey

There are cougars and then there are cougars. But does Captain Armband realize making love to Courtney Love?

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Review: A Moment in Time by Deb Stover

Whoever said to never judge a book by its cover has never read a romance novel before. I bring you A Moment in Time by Deb Stover: Creeper wielding a pick axe (oooh! phallic subext?!).  A rustic cabin surrounded by … Continue reading

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