WTF Wednesday: He compared his quivering member to what?

Let’s face it, my devotion to reading smut isn’t going to yield any Pulitzer-worthy finds. But once in a while I come across a phrase, paragraph, or page of writing so craptastic it surprises even me. This week’s WTF moment comes from Deb Stover’s A Moment in Time:

Single dad Cole Morrison touches a woman for the first time in five years: “His blood rushed to his groin, tugging until he was hard enough to dig for ore.”

That’s right, to dig for ore. Keep in mind Cole Morrison is a miner by trade. So the way he compares his pecker to a pick axe is, like, omg so in keeping with the theme! Just be glad he didn’t compare his lover’s vag to an endless cavern of precious gems. Hawt.


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A strong-willed harlot that enjoys reading romance novel, sipping port, and gallivanting with the brawny stable boy (scandalous!).
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